Today is my last day working for ThoughtWorks.

I spent four years of my life with TW; working all over Australia, Brazil, and Europe. Most of the friends I made over the last four years work or used to work there; and because of them the ThoughtWorks Team Hug was more important than Christmas.


(me finding a bug while demoing our iPad application to ThoughtWorks Sydney)

It was a pretty sweet ride, but it’s once again time to drop consulting and get back into product development.

In the next couple of weeks I am moving from London -where I spent the last six months- to Berlin.

I am joining the awesome people behind SoundCloud. No idea yet what work is going to be like, but I am sure that working on a website where remixes of Kratfwerk are so popular will be awesome. I tell you guys more as soon as I find out myself.

(Creds to Simon Stewart for my less-negative-than-ThoughtQuitter title)